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Claypool Drainage and Levee District began in 1896 by a group of local Farmers who owned the “bottom land” previously known as “Goose Lake”, a shallow lake of a few thousand acres. The major central drainage ditch was begun after the sales of bonds to pay for the breaching of the Mazon River watershed to allow the current 26,000 acres of the Claypool watershed to drain West into the Mazon River. Over the decades the land was annexed into the system and this year, 2010, will mark the final annexations of property to include the most accurate survey of properties within the Claypool watershed to date.

Claypool became dormant in the 1920’s during the depression. As 1940 approach, local businessman, Tom Berta, realized the importance of Claypool Drainage system and the problems arising because of strip mining for coal. His determination to resolve the re-payment of outstanding bonds and re-organization of the Claypool has preserved what all of us rely upon for drainage today. The Claypool is one of the most complex of more than 1,000 drainage districts that remain in Illinois. Very flat areas, covering 2 counties, 6 municipalities, plus provides an outlet for the Maine Drainage District at the final mile of the mail ditch before entering the Mazon river.


Everyone can now read the actual meeting minutes from the 1896-98 meetings under the Historical section. Beginning in 2010, the entire history from the beginning will be scanned and placed on the internet for everyone to learn our heritage.


Combined 1896 Records

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